Brimstone-7 Chalkhill Blue Comma on Thistle Down Comma with Small Tortoiseshell Common Blue - Female Common Blue - male Common Blue Underside Gatekeeper - upperside Gatekeeper Gatekeeper-underside Green Veined White - Underside Green Veined White - Upperside Marbled White - upperside Orange Tip - Undersid Orange Tip (2) Orange Tip Painted Lady on Lilac Painted Lady-Upperside Peacock underside Red Admiral on Tombstone Ringlet - upperside Small Copper-2 Small Tortoiseshells Small White - underside Speckled Wood - underside Speckled Wood - upperside Speckled Wood
Brimstone-71 Chalkhill Blue2 Comma on Thistle Down3 Comma with Small Tortoiseshell4 Common Blue - Female5 Common Blue - male6 Common Blue Underside7 Gatekeeper - upperside8 Gatekeeper9 Gatekeeper-underside10 Green Veined White - Underside11 Green Veined White - Upperside12 Marbled White - upperside13 Orange Tip - Undersid14 Orange Tip (2)15 Orange Tip16 Painted Lady on Lilac17 Painted Lady-Upperside18 Peacock underside19 Red Admiral on Tombstone20 Ringlet - upperside21 Small Copper-222 Small Tortoiseshells23 Small White - underside24 Speckled Wood - underside25 Speckled Wood - upperside26 Speckled Wood27
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